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Modern guitarists live in an era that allows them to create amazing sounds from the comfort of their own bedroom. While it has never been easier to record at home, it has also never been more difficult to get started and succeed in the face of the complicated nature of recording. Operating computer software, setting up recording hardware and technical proccesses such as mixing and mic'ing techniques can seem overwhelming and frustrating leading many to simply give up. 


The Bedroom Guitarist Handbook is for the bedroom guitarist who wants to excel at home. Enjoy the ease of this comprehensive guide which illustrates how to get started creating amazing sounds while recording in your bedroom. This guide covers:


-Choosing the right tools for recording at home

-Organizing your studio space

-Navigating guitar gear and how it affects your recording experience 

-Mixing guitar for various contexts


-Audio engineering basics 


There has never been a better time to make amazing recordings at home. Don't frustrate yourself, instead choose to create with the help of the Bedroom Guitarist Handbook. 


Note: This is an E-Book, not a physical book. Files will be sent to your email and must be downloaded within 30 days. Files cannot be re-downloaded, so store them properly. 

The Bedroom Guitarist Handbook

  • File type: PDF

    Pages: 84

    File Size: 11 MB

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