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About Marcos 

Marcos Mena is the guitarist of two-piece math rock band standards. After playing in lots of different bands while growing up in Long Beach, California, he received a BFA in Guitar Performance from California Institute Of The Arts and then an MFA in Music Production from Berklee School Of Music. Marcos has toured countless countries playing live with standards and has shared the stage with acts such as Plini, Polyphia and Tiny Moving Parts. Marcos currently has endorsements with Ibanez Guitars, Fishman Pickups and Ernie Ball Strings. In 2018, Marcos wrote his first E-Book entitled Compositional Guitar Tapping covering his method of guitar tapping. In 2022, he wrote another book entitled The Bedroom Guitarist Handbook covering the basics of recording electric guitar at home. In 2024 he wrote FACGCE: The Complete Guide detailing the intricacies of one of his favorite guitar tunings, FACGCE. Marcos continues to perform live and record with standards, who have recently released their third studio album Fruit Galaxy. Marcos lives in Long Beach, California. 

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